Cabinetry Solutions Handcrafted in Colorado

Custom Built Cabinetry

Custom Classic Cabinetry provides a high quality, handcrafted product that is deliberately different than the mass produced options found inside of the cabinetry space. We do not believe in limiting our design to incremental cabinet sizes or limited cabinet configurations. Our company also has the unique ability to provide an unlimited amount of color selections that enables us to provide a truly custom product. We take pride in being able to specialize our cabinetry to create any aesthetic our client's may imagine while maximizing the efficiency and function of the heart of their home.

 We design our cabinetry alongside our clients, allowing us to blend their inspiration with our generations of experience. We are committed to the process of materializing our client's visions and exceeding their expectations. 


Cabinet Refacing

Out of the three options we provide, Cabinet Refacing is the most enigmatic. Most people are unaware of this unique option! The cabinet industry considers Cabinet Refacing the process of replacing your existing doors, and drawer fronts while also adding a new surface to your existing cabinet boxes. While retaining your current cabinet boxes may seem stifling, the wide range of refacing materials and methods we use inside of our refacing process allows us to provide a vast amount of versatility for our clients. We specialize in making your builder-grade cabinetry a perfect representation of your style. 
One of the most common questions that we are asked is, “Can we blend our Custom  Cabinetry with our Refacing?” and “YES”, with our company you can. In fact, in more than half of the Cabinet Refacing projects we create, we are able to incorporate custom additions. 


Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing your current cabinetry is an economical way to improve the look and feel of your cabinets. There are two refinishing processes that our company provides. Opaque finishes (paint) and Toned finishes. Within both of these processes, we offer an unlimited range of hand crafted techniques with glazing, antiquing, distressing, shading, crackle and textural effects.